Could Google’s App Inventor Ruin Andoid?

With the relatively slow uptake of Android (compared to initial sales of the iPhone and apps), Google has decided to release an ‘App Inventor’ for their new mobile OS.  It comes in the form of a visual ‘drag and drop’ web interface rather than a large, complicated source developers kit, and requires no programming at all. Tests have apparently been conducted amongst members of the public, and even the average non-technical chump an use it, so now anyone at all can make an app. Excellent, right?

Designbysoap Blog - Google App Inventor
Google - App Inventor

I’m sure there will be many excellent apps developed that wouldn’t otherwise have make it to market, but surely these will be vastly outweighed by a tide of spam, advertising, porn and other terrible apps? With no quality control, it’s not going to be long before the system is exploited and the Android market becomes full to the brim with junk. I know Google were looking for a way to drive the Android app market, but this is surely a risk? ‘Dave’s Gnome-A-Day Photo App’ anyone?

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