European Food and Wine Pairings Interactive

A feature of one of our most recent client interactive pieces for European villa specialist Oliver's Travels

When it comes to picking your a classic British meal we’re all something of an expert, from Sunday roasts to fish and chips, we all turn into gastronomic connoisseurs when our national dishes are served up. But do you know how to pair these classic meals with a wine that will effectively complement it? What about your favourite European dishes from the likes of France, Italy or Spain?

I think it’s fair to assume that very few of us can turn sommelier when it comes to complementary wine choices, so to help correct this we teamed up with villa holiday specialist Oliver’s Travels to create an in-depth food and wine guide. This custom-illustrated interactive piece takes classic regional dishes from around Europe (including France, Italy, Spain, the UK and Ireland, Croatia, Portugal and Greece), and delivers expert recommendations on how to pair them with a wine that will perfectly complement each dish.

Using a custom-coded and illustrated user interface the interactive takes you on a journey through Europe, not only giving you the best food and wine pairings from each region, but offering interesting facts, regional highlights and even direct PDF downloads of infographics covering individual countries. You can view the full interactive version by clicking the image below:

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