Facebook To Launch Mail Service?

Mark Zuckerburg and his hugely popular Facebook are holding a press conference in San Francisco on Monday, with rumours flying around that the social media giant will be announcing the introduction of their own mail service.

It has already been confirmed that the conference will be focusing on Facebook’s internal messaging system, and there is now a huge amount of speculation that they will be launching their own Gmail-esque e-mail service – giving users their own @facebook.com email address.

It’s an interesting move from Facebook, if not a particularly surprising one, and it’s another shot across the bow of arch rivals Google. Worse news could be set to follow for the search engine, as Microsoft and Facebook continue to strengthen their alliance. Numerous online bloggers are highlighting the distinct possibility that Microsoft (who already serve Facebook-powered search results through their Bing! search engine) will allow the integration of the proposed Facebook mail system with the widely used Microsft Office tools.

Whether or not this tool will be a ‘Gmail killer’ remains to be seen; we’ve already seen how unwilling people can be to change their main email server, as demonstrated by the ever popular Hotmail. However, it’s probably safe to assume that we’ll be seeing a lot of @facebook.com in the upcoming months.

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