Finding Love Online: Marital Satisfaction by Method of Meeting

More than one third of all marriages in the UK and the US now begin online, according to recent research from Harvard University and the University of Chicago.

While that might not be especially surprising to many of us, what is perhaps more surprising is the research findings into how satisfied people who met online are with their marriages; particularly when compared to those who met offline:

Finding Love Online 690px

As our visualisation of the data above shows; of those surveyed, the couples that met via the internet (either online dating or social networking sites) are far more satisfied with their marriages than those who met in a more traditional, offline manner.

To get the data, the researchers at Harvard University and the University of Chicago spoke to more than 19,000 married couples (or those who had been previously married) and asked them how satisfied they were with their marriage by scoring it between 1 and 7. In addition, they were also asked to rate specific statements – ‘we have chemistry’ for example.

The research also found that marriage break-ups and divorces were less likely in couple who met online – 5.96% compared to a 7.67% break-up rate for those who met offline.

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