Google ‘Body Browser’

We all know Google’s love for browsing. They developed Google Maps and Google Earth so you can browse the entire world, in increasingly minute detail. With Chrome they’ve designed their own web browser, smartphones, OS and a host of other innovative browsing products and devices; it’s fundamental to what they do.
Next on the list – people. Google have recently launched a new beta version of the ‘body browser’, another in the line of Chrome experiments from the Google Labs boffins. The difference here is that it only runs on the newest version of Chrome, which is WebGL graphics enabled.
This allows you to, as it says, browse through the body. You can remove layers of the body right down to the skeleton, or fade parts out, zoom and pan around, and there are infomative notes to read as well. If you have a good broadband connection the model zooms, pans and transitions very smoothly indeed, and is a great tribute to the new Web GL technology.

Well worth a look if only for the new graphics, but an excellent medical learning technology as well. Explore it here, although you might have to upgrade your copy of Chrome.

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