Google Games next up?

Google always seems to be in the news lately, with rumours constantly abounding about their next venture. So far there has been the ‘Facebook killer’ in Google Me (just a rumour currently), Google Voice (a Skype style VIOP program), the recent acquisition of ITA Travel to create ‘Google Travel’ or something, Google Chrome OS, Google Checkout to rival Paypal and the onward march of the Android OS to mention but a few.
I read an article a few weeks ago that stated one of the only avenues Google hadn’t ventured down was gaming. It was without much surprise then that I recently read that they’ve been quietly plugging hundreds of millions of dollars into a social gaming company called Zynga, makers of the horrendous ‘Farmville’ an ‘Mafia Wars’ for Facebook. Although this hasn’t been confirmed by Google, sources say they expect Zynga to become the cornerstone of ‘Google Games’, to be released later this year.
The main reason large companies such as Google are interested in games like these is there massive popularity. What may seem to you or I to be a ridiculous waste of time is actually worth millions of dollars, as people become addicted and come back day after day. This in turn means it’s easier to attract people away from Facebook, which is really what this whole thing is about…

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