HTML5: Benefits, Usage and Predictions [INFOGRAPHIC]

We’ve been working with a lot of brands and publications over the last few weeks – you may have seen our feature in Advanced Photoshop Magazine, or our chapter in the most recent B2B Marketing ebook – and this is something we’re aiming to continue over the coming months (keep your eye out for our posts on MOZ, Social Media Examiner and Econsultancy). This week we’re featuring our collaborative project with Telefonica, producing an infographic in partnership with them on the benefits and current usage of HTML5.

HTML5 has grown dramatically in popularity and usage over the course of the year, with advocates citing the numerous benefits, levels of functionality and versatility of the language as reasons for adoption. But coders are not easy to sway from their preferred language, particularly if they’ve spent years perfecting their approach to web development.

So just how popular has HTML5 become? How quickly is adoption growing?

In this infographic we take a look at the statistics around HTML5 adoption, its benefits and comparisons with main rivals, as well as the future of the markup language:

HTML5 Telefonica Blog V2 1000px

Click for a larger version

As always feel free to share this infographic as you see fit, just please link back to either Designbysoap or Telefonica (or ideally both) if you do decide to repost it.

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