Infographic Snapshot Series: Famous Film Quotes #4

Seeing as it’s Friday I thought we’d publish the next infographic in our famous film quote series; this time it’s 1985’s Rocky IV, which I would have to place on the list of my favourite films of all time (yes, really). I could have picked a line from any of the Rocky films to visualise as, with the exception of the fifth film, they’re all brilliant and full of memorable quotes. However, if I had to pick a favourite then Rocky IV just shades it – for the much imitated training montage in the snow if nothing else!

Rocky IV 615px

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As always, we’ll include the full quote, which comes towards the end of the film when Ivan Drago is in his corner, reflecting on the fact that he’s spent numerous rounds punching Rocky Balboa as hard as he possibly can, yet his American opponent remains upright:

Ivan Drago: He’s not human … he’s like a piece of iron

Next up in the famous film quote series is our favourite line from Anthony Hopkins in The Silence Of The Lambs, check back next week to see the visualisation!

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