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If you don’t know about already, they used the ‘deal a day’ model to great effect, whereby one product only is sold per day from midnight to midnight, or until sold out. They have a large online presence to engage customers in creative competitions, deals and customer support through the use of various social media. They have some great ideas for driving more traffic through your site. Some of their more innovative strategies have been:

– No prior product announcements, people can only find the deal daily

– Twitter customer services and Twitter only ‘happy hour’ deals

– iPhone, Dashboard and Windows Sidebar widgets

– Enhanced community forum. Each day a post is added to the main forum with the daily deal, customers are encouraged to comment and review

– Non product centered blog featuring silly awards, competitions, tech news, web games etc.

– Jovial attitude, such as advertising “$3 bags of crap’ whose contents are not guaranteed to contain anything, but occasionally lucky people receive wide screen televisions or computer consoles, haiku advertising

Basically, Woot is a great example of social media success simply by paying attention to customers and giving them a reason to follow and participate.

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