Want to become an SEO engineer, copywriter or designer? Just finished university and looking to gain valuable experience? Then maybe you should consider a Designbysoap internship. Available as both an in-house internship (with travel expenses covered) or an online internship, our initiatives offer talented young people and university students a way into the design or internet marketing industries. Given the current economic climate in the UK, undertaking a Designbysoap internship could be an ideal way to gain valuable experience in a growing agency and potentially snag yourself a job straight out of university.

We currently offer three different internships:

SEO Internship
Our SEO internship is aimed at those wanting to forge a career in search engine optimisation and digital marketing. Interns will learn through completing increasingly in-depth tasks in all areas of the SEO, digital marketing and social media marketing disciplines. They will also be expected to complete additional reading and research online, both through their own initiative and from sites, publications and books suggested on the Designbysoap internship reading list.
Interns will learn to become proficient at both on and off-site optimisation elements, as well as completing effective link-building campaigns and social media marketing exercises.

Copywriting Internship
The copywriting internship is aimed at budding journalists and those looking to gain experience in online copywriting. Interns will be involved in writing press releases, website copy, blog posts and article marketing. Copywriting interns will also gain experience in proof-reading and editing, as well as completing accurate, pertinent keyword research.

Design Internship
Our design internship is aimed at those looking to make a living as a professional graphic designer. Interns will be able to spend their time with us working in many different areas of graphic design, or can choose to specialise in one particular area. Interns can get involved in logo design, infographic design, corporate branding, web design, promotional artwork design and/or promotional advertising.

Interested? Give us a call on 01432 839 461 or fill out the application form below:

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If you’re interested in a Designbysoap online internship, please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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