Metrico Brings Infographics to Gaming

Infographics and video games aren’t necessarily strangers to each other; games have been using visualisations of data for decades in order to show players how they’re doing, display scores and highlight pertinent in-game statistics.

As far as I’m aware however, a game has never been built around infographics – using visualisations as a key gameplay element. That’s all about to change though, with the release of Metrico on Sony’s PlayStation Vita:


Developed by Digital Dreams, Metrico is a puzzle-platformer based on the premise that player’s movements alter the environment, which is made up of infographic elements such as pie charts and bar graphs. Beautifully simple, unpredictable and genuinely challenging, Metrico looks set to be one of the most unique independent games of 2014 and continue the meteoric rise of infographics in the public consciousness.

Check out this video of Metrico’s gameplay:

Currently Metrico will only be available on the PS Vita, but we’re hoping to see this brilliant little game find its way to consoles in the near future.

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