Microsoft and Facebook Collaboration Secure

Designbysoap Blog - Bing Farmville AdIt seems recently that the dominance of Google has been too much for some. Over that past year or so we have seen Google consistently loose search volume to competitors (all be it small amounts), and despite the astronomical success of Android, it seems like a slight backlash against ‘everything Google’ is developing especially in the wake of the Verizon deal.

Microsoft will be delighted with the success of Bing, and they took another fairly significant step recently with the integration of Bing into Facebook places, the new friend geo-location service. This all started back in 2007 when Microsoft plugged almost $250m into Facebook, and it seems that their money is starting to pay off. This new service runs off Bing’s mapping system, but as you can see above, they also advertise on the incredibly-popular-but-I-really-don’t-see-how Farmville and others.

However, as well as being a good move for Microsoft, it also sures up Facebook against potential rivals, possibly in the form of Google Me. I suppose with the amount of competing products Google and Facebook will soon have, Bing was the logical choice. Many people think this will be a springboard for Facebook to move into other areas and challenge other businesses. For instance, with the implementation of geo-location and geo-tagging, Facebook Place and Marketplace could be combined to present a serious threat to any classified site (CraigsList, Gumtree etc).

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