Most Popular Websites Lose Out In Customer Satisfaction Poll

The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) conducts annual surveys in the news, search, information and now social media fields. ForSee Results have compiled a report from results of ACSI surveys which rank the different search providers and social media sites, with some interesting conclusions. Apparently, the most visited sites on the net don’t rank too well for customer satisfaction.

– They have revealed that Google have lost their top spot in the search category, a position they’ve held for 7 out of the 8 years the surveys have been conducted. Stranger still, number one in the survey was the ‘all other’ category, comprised of a collection of the smaller engines such as Yandex, GoodSearch, MyPoints, and Dogpile. This seems incredible really, considering the massive divide between the markets shares (Google 62% approx, All others 5% approx). However, it may be that Google suffers from trying to do everything, whilst ‘all others’ are a collection of niche search engines.

– It’s the same story with social media. Highest ranked was Wikipedia, with it’s easy to use, advert free, quality information. Next up came YouTube, then the ‘all other’ category again, and finally Facebook and Myspace, the two lowest ranking sites of the 30 scored. Again, it seems quite surprising that Facebook should rank so low, despite gaining an estimated 9% of ALL website visits.

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Ultimately, it doesn’t really mean that much to us because it’s an American survey. I’d be interested to see how well the BBC News site, for example, ranks within this survey. The current top spot is held by totally unbiased in any way ‘Fox News’…

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