Photoshop CS5 – What’s New - graphic design in Brighton

So what’s new in the recently released Adobe Photoshop CS5?

– New photography tools
CS5 reduces the number of steps needed (and therefore a lot of the complexity) in retouching and manipulating your photos. It has new, easier to use functions for sharpening, correcting lens distortions, adding grain, removing noise and creating HDR images. It’s also now much better for exporting raw file conversions.

– Improved complex image selection
CS5 has made it much quicker and easier to select complex images (it’s particularly good with hair, something which was far more difficult in CS4) and makes cutting, refining and intricate composition of images far more pleasurable.

– Increased creative impact, including realistic painting
CS5 has really cool new painting features which allow you to experiment with superb on-canvas blending and textured brush strokes. It also has new additional features for stretching and warping graphics, text and image elements to create fresh, interesting new looks.

I really like the new version of Photoshop; it feels quicker and much more responsive and the new features have already made an impact on my graphic design output. Apart from one of our designers (mentioning no names!) who keeps muttering he doesn’t like change, the whole designbysoap team has moved up to CS5 and we’re glad we did.

Jason is our newest graphic designer and works on photo editing, logo design and general graphic design in Brighton.

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