Brain Injuries Causes and Effects

Format: Infographic

Services Engaged: Infographic Design

Client: Shoosmiths

This infographic was produced on behalf of Shoosmiths and Access Legal, as part of their ongoing value-added content and link-building campaign.

The infographic was designed not only to add quality content to their website, but to encourage inbound links and inform their target audience regarding a serious and important subject.

Brain injuries can range from mild concussions only affecting you for a few hours to life threatening conditions. It can be caused by many things, and they can have unpredictable effects on your physique, your personality or even your emotional state. As much as we know about the brain, and it grows every day, there is still a lot we are unaware of, and this is an ever expanding field of knowledge. This infographic examines not only the most common causes of brain injuries, but their related effects; using a split-design style to portray the information to the reader.

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