Karl Lagerfeld Centre Of The Fashion Universe

Format: Infographic

Services Engaged: Concept development, Research, Copywriting, Infographic Design

Client: AOL

Karl Lagerfeld is a celebrated German fashion designer, and is well known around the world for his work. Be it Chanel, Vuitton or Dior, his 50 year career spans all of the great design houses of the world, but he’s also know for some of his more eccentric passions.

It is reputed that he owns hundreds of ipods, ipads and other Apple goodies, and has a custom made Louis Vuitton bag to hold them all. He is also know for his voracious Diet Coke habits, consuming 10 cans a day!

He’s such a enigmatic figure, that AOL commissioned us to produce this in-depth infographic about his career and personal passions as part of their value-added content campaign. This infographic nicely illustrations our ability to incorporate large volumes of information in a concise and visually appealing layout, without losing any of the clarity or detail.

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