New Baby Workouts

Format: Infographic

Services Engaged: Concept development, Research, Copywriting, Infographic Design, Link Acquisition

Client: NutraPlanet

Examples of links gained: Lifehack, 8-Bit Dad,,

This static infographic was produced for NutraPlanet, who were looking for a fun and novel way of engaging with new parents.

NutraPlanet approached us after they were having trouble engaging new parents, who they felt they could help with a new product range. Coming up with a fun idea for how parents could work-out with their new babies, we researched and illustrated this entertaining and light-hearted infographic that actually comes with genuinely useful information. Not only did the infographic help the brand connect with a new audience, but gained them some invaluable links from sites that attracted the exact target consumer they were looking for.

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