SEO Plugins for WordPress

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SEO Plugins for WordPress

Someone said to me the other day that a major drawback of WordPress is that you can’t do any SEO without delving into the code, which can be a fairly complicated and confusing process. I explained that this simply wasn’t true, and that there were several plugins available that allow you to apply several SEO techniques, including the use of semantic code. He seemed amazed and ran off to find some plugins.This got me thinking that maybe a list of some of the most useful plugins available for WordPress might be useful to a lot of people.

So here’s the list – im not going in depth into any of the plugins but the list gives you a good idea of what’s available to WordPress users:

1. the All-In-One SEO Pack

Allows you to complete the basic meta data SEO for your website, on either a page by page or post by post basis. You can set your page titles, meta tags, keywords, alt text and descriptions.

2. SEO Friendly Images

This plugin allows you to quickly and easily tag your images, an essential part of SEO.

3. Google Positioner

This plugin allows you to track the keywords you’re getting searches for – this way you can constantly adapt the keyword usage on your website to consistently increase your web rankings.

4. SEO Slugs

Automatically removes stop words (such as be, for, can, a, etc) from your permalinks – these stop words are ignored by search engine crawlers anyway, so removing them helps you rank better on your chosen keywords.

5. Robots Meta

By default the search engines will crawl and index all of the pages on your website. Normally, this isn’t a problem, but with WordPress and the general blogging structure it can end up creating duplicate pages, which in turn can get you punished by the search engines without any real fault on your part. This plugin tells the search engines which sections of your blog to crawl, removing this problem.

There are loads more out there, and some of the premium themes i’ve come across recently also have SEO options built-in, so there’s no excuse not for completing at least basic SEO on your WordPress powered website or blog.

John is one of our lead designers; specialising in digital marketing, search engine optimisation, web design, infographic design and general graphic design in Brighton.

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