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Infographics present complex data sets visually, aiding comprehension, improving information retention and boosting engagement. As the UK’s leading infographic specialist and a pioneer in modern information design, we have a phenomenal amount of experience in creating beautiful, bespoke infographics designed to meet your goals.

Whether you’re looking for content aimed at link acquisition, visualisations to support editorial, traditional marketing collateral or content aimed at education, infographics can help you tell your story in a more engaging, memorable and effective way. As experts in visual storytelling, we can help you tell your brand story, no matter what your end goal may be. We have worked with major national and international brands on infographic and visual storytelling campaigns, from renowned UK brands like The Royal Mint and The Guardian to internationally known brands like Microsoft and Google.

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Pricing, Turnaround and Additional Services

Our infographic design service starts from £600 plus VAT, which generally covers shorter infographics with a low illustration requirement. In all cases infographics are quoted up front, with quotes based on the volume of data to be included, the volume (and complexity) of required illustrations and visualisations and any other services. All quotes include unlimited revisions, meaning you can be 100% confident you’ll end up with a final product you’re happy with.

Generally infographics are turned around in 10-12 working days, with revisions taking place after that. Revisions usually take 1-3 days depending on complexity, although they can often be turned around within 24 hours. If you required a quick turnaround this can be arranged (up to 48 hours), affecting only the quoted price and not the quality of the design.

We can offer complementary services with our infographic design packages, including research and data mining, copywriting and editorial and full content promotion campaigns to suit your requirements. To discuss a potential commission, fill out the contact form below, or give us a call on 01432 839 461.

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