The Growing Role of Infographics in Modern Journalism

As infographic design specialists, we’re lucky enough to work with a wide range of clients in a whole host of different industries, countries and cultures. Whether it’s producing customer facing animations for brands like The Bank of England or The Hartford, or delivering static infographics for the likes of The Royal Mint or Sony, we’re always involved in telling stories in a highly visual way.

In recent years, however, we’ve noticed a growing trend for visual content – in particular, infographics – for journalists and news outlets, from The Economist to The Guardian. Previously, this has been limited to digital publication only, but we’ve seen a recent growth in publications looking to include infographics in their printed assets, from newspapers to magazines.

Given the strength of visual content and data visualisation in engaging readers, improving information recall and increasing overall impact of a story, it’s perhaps no surprise that journalists are increasingly looking towards infographics to help illustrate the data within their story, whether that’s qualitative or quantitative information.

There are scores of examples of this kind of journalistic visualisation online, but I’m particularly drawn to those used within the pages of physical publications. One such example that recently caught our eye was in The Times, which used a full-page infographic to tell the story of the Grenfell fire, and highlight the lessons that need to be learned from this horrific event.

Their data visualisation beautifully combines photography, typography, data visualisation and illustration to create an engaging, memorable piece of storytelling:

There’s no question that the impact of the story is heightened with the inclusion of this kind of content, particularly when you compare it to a solid page of text. We’re extremely pleased to see this kind of content growing in popularity among traditional journalists, and hope they continue to embrace visual storytelling in this way.

If you’re a news outlet, publication or magazine looking for infographics for print, you can reach out to us via the contact form or call us on 01432 839 461 to discuss your requirements.


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