Why Should You Get Involved With Social Media?

More and more nowdays, social media is growing. With over 500 million active users on Facebook alone, and over 50% of them logging in every day, can you really afford to ingore all those potential customers? It’s true that social media suits some companies more than others, but with the amount of users any company should able to find their niche.

The hard part with it is knowing where to begin, and how to approach the whole subject. Before you rush in, you need to think about what you want to achieve, and what you can offer. If you are simply out to sell products, you will quickly be ignored by many people. Social Media requires a lot of work to actually connect and interest your target audience.

Social Media guru Ewan Semple has a great little introduction to social media and ‘Web 2.0’ culture in general:

So here are a few of my key tips for starting out in the world of social media:

– Attempt to be interesting. I know this might sound a little vague, but one of the keys to social media is creating content that people actually want to look at. This usually involves taking a slightly sideways look at what you do/what your offering, try humour, top ten lists, facts etc and create a vague connection to yourselves. This will obviously change drastically between businesses but the principle stays the same.

– Be honest, upfront and well behaved. Everything gets noted down somewhere.

– Interact with people. Another key point to social media. You want to interact with your ‘fans’ not only becasue they might represent future customers, but to encourage debate and discussion on your pages. Constantly fresh and topical content, with active discussions will create a community of return readers to your page.

– Feedback. Make it as easy as possible for people to tell you waht they think, and encourage them to do so. Whether it be positive or negative feedback, it’s invalauble information when you have potential customers reviewing your product/service/site.

For more videos see www.guruonline.tv/it

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