World’s Longest Infographic?

Our design team has been extremely busy over the last couple of months producing infographics for clients ranging from the NHS to Kelkoo. One of our most recent projects was an infographic brief for the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) in Wales; visualising huge sets of data from their ‘Inequality In Wales’ and ‘How Fair Is Wales?’ reports.

The final design was an incredible 3 metres long when printed, producing an infographic which was … interesting to roll-out in a client meeting. As you can image, the final design needed to be split up into sections for online and presentational use, but we still keep the original print proof in the office, as it’s the longest infographic we’ve ever produced (or seen). For those that would like to see the infographic, you can view it in sections on our portfolio.

Below are the pictures, taken at our Hereford office.

Post by John Pring – Follow him on Twitter (@john_pring)
Infographics by Designbysoap – Follow us on Twitter (@designbysoap)

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